Say Thank You and Increase Client Loyalty

Posted by Sean Farrington on Sep 20, 2018 10:49:48 AM

The holiday season is almost here and that means the start of the annual debate:  should you or should you not send client gifts this year. The quick answer is yes, customers have more choices than ever when it comes to service and products. Client retention is key to sustaining growth. So how do you increase customer loyalty? Beyond providing great service and problem-solving products it’s always a great idea to say thank you. Client gifts are a great way to do just that and to keep your company top of mind all year. Here are a few tips for doing it the right way:

Personalize it:

There are two aspects to personalizing a gift. First, be sure the gift you are giving is one that your client will find useful. Take your time and think back on conversions that you’ve had with your client to identify favorite activities or sports teams etc. Secondly, take time to add a personal note that talks about how much you appreciate the relationship you have with the person you are sending a gift to. Touch on how much you enjoyed working with them and take it one step further by including specifics. For example, if you’re an attorney and you helped your client close a large business deal mention a few of the details in your note. This will show that you personally remember them.

5220676458_2c74dcbe27_bWho to send gifts to:

Who to send gifts to can be a very stressful decision for some people, especially if you have a large group of clients that you interact with over the course of a year. Look hard at your list, casual acquaintances or people you worked with once and may never speak to again are probably not good candidates for receiving a gift.  Remember the key to a well-received gift is to make it personal. If you have a hard time remembering specific details about your interaction with a person, they may not be a good candidate. Send gifts to clients that helped to grow your business and to those who you have a great relationship with.  

Choosing the right gift:

The quality of the gift is going to reflect on the value that you place on the relationship you have with the recipient, so the cheapest option may not be the best choice in this case.  Look for something that is going to be well-received and that the person receiving it will truly appreciate and use. This is where taking some time and giving it some additional thought will pay off big down the road.


 One question we get: “Is it ok to brand your gift and add your company logo?”  This is a tough question and there is no right answer. We have seen clients order gifts without any corporate branding and we’ve had clients who do add corporate branding to their client gifts. If you are going to add the company’s logo or brand to a gift, keep it subtle. If your branding is too overpowering then it will detract from the value of the gift.

Don't dread the holiday deadline:

There is no hard rule that says you have to send thank you gifts around Christmas. In fact, it is to your advantage to not send them during December as that's probably when your competition and everyone else is sending theirs—which means yours may not standout. Set yourself apart by sending after the New Year or some other time during the year. This will go a long way to help guarantee that your gift will stand out.

With some thought and a little effort you could easily increase your goodwill with current customers and clients with a small token of appreciation. Also with a little pre-planning you can make the whole process smooth and enjoyable. For years Tuttle has helped many companies say thank you to their clients seam effortless. Our online promotional site allows you to easily choose gifts that will meet your gift giving needs.

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