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Posted by Sean Farrington on Jan 23, 2018 7:30:00 AM

People require the services of a law firm for a wide variety of reasons. It is also safe to say that most people don't need legal counsel on a regular basis. Many people may only need the services of a law firm a few times throughout their adult life. So how does a law firm stay front of mind with clients and potential clients? One way is through promotional products. Studies show that the average person hangs on to a promotional item for just over 7 months. You can compare this to email which usually lasts for minutes before being deleted or direct mail which usually hangs around for a few days before being recycled.

The key to using promotional items for client retention and lead generation is to first understand the audience you are targeting. From there, identify an item you can brand that your target audience will find useful either in their work life or personal life. The more useful the item the more likely your audience will hold onto it and use it. One study showed 85% of recipients of promotional products could identify the advertisers on the promotional items they owned.

Tuttle has provided promotional products to a wide variety of law firms for years. Based our experience we've developed a list of the top 7 promotional items that most firms find success with.

Guide To Improving Your Sales Using Promotional Products


Topping our list is pens. Pens are an item that almost everyone can find useful in their day-to-day lives. Make pens available for all visitors to take with them. Spread them throughout the office and make sure to leave a supply in places where your clients are most likely to need them like conference rooms and waiting areas. Give a supply to the attorneys and staff to keep in their offices to give out during meetings or to take with them for off-site appointments.

Bonus tips: Quality pen sets make great client appreciation gifts.


This item goes hand in hand with pens. These are great to give out during an initial meeting with a client. Chances are there will be a lot of things covered during that initial meeting with a client and having something on hand for them to take notes will be extremely helpful. It will also give them a place to jot down questions or information before follow-up meetings.

Travel Mugs

Here is a perfect item for coffee-loving clients. Having a mug that allows your clients to transport their favorite beverage to work in the mornings will certainly keep your firm visible for months to come. Some studies suggest about 65% of Americans drink coffee during the breakfast hours; make your firm part of their morning routine.

Stress Balls

Most people usually retain an attorney because they need help dealing with something that could have life-changing consequences. Understandably they may be under a little stress. Your firm can offer a little relief by offering stress balls to your clients. Think about these as the original "fidget spinner" that will allow your clients to expend some of that nervous energy they may have.

Bonus tips: "Smiley Guy" 2-N-1 Stress relieve and smartphone stand.

Key Chains

Think about it, who doesn't carry a set of keys with them. This is a great item to give away at home closings to help your clients keep track of the keys to their new house. Key chains come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes; giving you plenty of room to list your firm's practice areas and letting your clients know other ways your firm can help.


This is a great item for both clients and attorneys. A padfolio is highly efficient at keeping items safe and close at hand. At their fingertips, your client will have a place to quickly access a document pocket, business card pocket, and notepad. These can be very valuable in helping to keep attorneys, staff, and clients organized throughout the day.

Bonus tips: Pair this with a pen set as great client appreciation gift for top business clients.

Power BanksPower Banks

Let's face it for a large majority of us our smartphone has become just as important as our wallet or purse. Think about the number of times in a day you use your smartphone to do a wide variety of tasks from staying in touch with family members to checking email, to paying for items at your local coffee shop. Most experts predict that for the foreseeable future our dependence is only going to grow. A dead battery is the Achilles heel of these devices. Power banks are a great way to keep your client's device charged when they are on the go. When your client reaches for their power bank, they will have a continuous reminder of who kept them up and running in their time of need.


Bonus Marketing Tip: “Lumpy Mailer”

Increase the response rate of your direct mail campaigns by adding in a small promotional item. In doing so you create a “lumpy mailer”. Not only will your mail piece be more noticeable, it will also project a more positive image for your firm as people always enjoy getting something free in the mail.

Direct Mail Campaigns: 9 Steps to Generating More Business

Promotional products are great for making an impression on current and potential clients. It’s hard to predict when someone is going to need the services that your firm can provide. This is where the longevity of promotional items outperforms email, social media, and direct mail. According to one survey, 53% of people use a promotional product once per week; increasing your chance of being visible when a need arises. The key to being visible at the right time is making sure your item is useful to your target audience. The more useful the item is the more likely they'll have it with them when they have a need for your service. This is where we can help. For years Tuttle has been a trusted partner for many law firms when it comes to providing them high quality and affordable promotional items. So much so that we've created a special website to meet the special needs of our clients. Not sure where to start? Contact us and let one of our experts help!

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